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The head of storage engineering for a global leader in the cosmetics industry was frustrated with the operational challenges and cost issues associated with aging legacy backup/recovery equipment. The system was complicated and expensive to maintain and operating its backup environment required almost constant support from the vendor.

The company knew they needed to upgrade the equipment to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their backup storage. They also wanted flexibility, scalability, ease of use and minimal overhead for support. 


The company was a long-time customer of their current storage vendor. While they knew they needed to upgrade their data protection environment, they were not intending to switch vendors. 

Based on positive results after implementing Rubrik solutions for other global retail clients, WWT recommended the company consider Rubrik for their backup environment. 

WWT consulting systems engineers used WWT's Advanced Technology Center to educate the company about different storage options, including the Rubrik solution.

Impressed with Rubrik's capabilities, the company decided to purchase initial Rubrik backup appliances for their environment. 


A few of the benefits of the Rubrik solution
A few of the benefits of the Rubrik solution

The company saw immediate value through ease of implementation and quick, reliable restores of various data types including virtual machines and databases. The solution addressed the improvements in efficiency the client desperately needed. Backups are now running more successfully in terms of percent complete. 

Equally important, the company can now automate backup efforts, reducing time and costs associated with monitoring the backup environment and support overhead. Overall, the company has reduced their total cost of ownership by 30 percent, and they have standardized on Rubrik as their data protection platform. 

The company is also seeing Rubrik adoption across the enterprise due to the solution's integration and interoperability with cloud service providers. 

Since initial implementation, the company has twice increased their Rubrik footprint. They are now actively looking at other Rubrik products, such as edge appliances and Rubrik's data intelligence solutions, Rubrik Polaris Sonar, and Rubrik Polaris Radar.