In this case study


A government agency was unhappy with their hosted workplace-as-a-service solution. Challenges with mobile device management were standing in its way of becoming more agile, open and automated. These included issues with quality of service, costs and control.

With a mobile device management solution in place, the agency could realize its ultimate goal of becoming an internal service provider to the groups it serves. Key to this change is the agency's mobility initiative. The agency tapped WWT to create a roadmap for its mobility and wireless initiative.


As part of the solution design and architecture, WWT's local and national teams evaluated multi-vendor, mobile device management solutions and the organization's existing network architecture. The agency ultimately chose a management solution involving the integration of Cisco Prime, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE).

WWT worked closely with the organization at its location to build out the management solution and integrate it into their architecture. During the process, the WWT team worked around the clock for nearly two weeks troubleshooting and tweaking settings, pulling in top experts to validate design.


The management solution is currently being initiated and, with WWT's support and expertise, the organization was able to successfully implement a critical phase in its initial deployment and are well positioned for future rollouts.

After becoming a trusted advisor for the government agency, they are now looking at WWT for multiple infrastructure solutions and projects.