Case Study

Mobile Payments Made Easy with MasterCard’s Simplify Commerce Application

WWT provides open source tools for merchants to release trusted cart-to-checkout software

The rapid rise of mobility over the past few years has impacted just about every business segment. The credit card industry is no exception. Mobile payments have risen to almost 20 percent of all transactions worldwide, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 35 percent through 2017.

MasterCard Worldwide recently launched a global initiative entitled Simplify Commerce, making it easier to accept e-commerce and mobile commerce payments. MasterCard aims to trump domestic competitors such as Stripe by leveraging their worldwide brand equity, offering the lowest transaction rates available and releasing software libraries that dramatically simplify integration into consumer software.

The Simplify Commerce application helps developers set up merchants to accept online payments. It offers a merchant account and payment gateway in a single, secure package so merchants can concentrate on what really matters to their business.

To meet these objectives, MasterCard searched for an external partner that could support their brand’s high standard for security and quality. They needed to produce bulletproof and well-documented SDKs for rapid iOS and Android development.

Software development teams from WWT were able to define a strategy that aligned perfectly with MasterCard’s objectives; namely, to produce libraries that they, themselves, would want to use. They are tested, well-documented and contain sample applications that exhibit the end-to-end cart/checkout process.

WWT developers built a graphical component and controller that focused on reliability, security, and stability. The SDKs, built using the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), had to ensure that the merchant never sees sensitive card data.

By creating robust and well-tested SDKs that wrap around MasterCard’s “Simplify Commerce” product, WWT provides open source tools that allow merchants to release trusted cart-to-checkout software faster and easier.

“MasterCard is always looking for ways to make payments easier, and Simplify Commerce is a new way to help merchants and developers connect with electronic payments. We built Simplify Commerce on an open platform that developers can enhance, and we are pleased that WWT leveraged its expertise in the mobile space to build robust SDKs to support our open platform in a systematic, well-documented manner.” – Rahul Deshpande, Technical Evangelist, MasterCard Labs