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WWT uses UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve communication and visibility with order fulfillment systems for vendors that do not support electronic data interchange (EDI). Fully informed with vendor order status and shipment details, we use the data in our supply chain processes and in turn provide timely information to our customers, just as we do with our EDI vendors.

The automation allows us to obtain information more quickly and more often than we could if people were manually logging into each website and looking up every order. The UiPath Bot consumes email and web-based information and updates our system for thousands of lines daily. The system adds value with up to date, accurate data so that our teams and customers can plan accordingly.

Technology and implementation

Noting the explosive growth in robotic process automation, WWT selected the RPA industry leader UiPath to pilot and automate the data interchange patterns and use cases. The WWT Supply Chain team took aim at using RPA to provide the kind of integration for all vendors that we enjoy with our EDI-connected vendors by automating the manual data gathering and data entry previously provided by procurement operations. The result is improved visibility and customer service, reduced delivery time and increased productivity.

While automating away drudgery might be the first thing that you think of when you hear about robotic process automation, connecting disparate systems is even more valuable for this use case. RPA provides plumbing between applications and networks without requiring special firewall rules, exposure of API and working through support agreements between organizations. An RPA solution can often be developed and implemented faster than you can navigate inter-organizational politics for traditional projects.

A good fit for WWT

The UiPath Hyper automation platform is well-suited to agile development and supports incremental functional releases. This is a great fit for the WWT approach to software development. Success with the automation has led us to explore adding Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Document Understanding capabilities to allow UiPath Bot and UiPath AI Model to auto-adjust data mapping using machine learning for PDF documents with varied templates. 

The AI/ML model is an improvement over document-specific automations. UiPath's pre-built ML Model training reduces onboarding time & ongoing maintenance. AI/ML solutions can exponentially increase the value of RPA, making decisions faster and more consistently than humans.

Other benefits

Highly efficient delivery is an important business advantage for WWT, and RPA is helping us improve our service. But a more efficient supply chain team produces other benefits. The addition of robot teammates is not only a force multiplier but a morale-booster as well. As the human teammates offload menial processes to robots, they are free to provide more valuable contributions; they are happier as a result.

Building on success

WWT process teams have started using UiPath Task Capture utility which records and auto generates process definition document. This helps to understand the process & task better before automating with RPA or other IT development technologies. The details gathered from the tool provide benchmarking and demonstrate improvements provided with the automations. 

Over the past year, WWT moved from on-prem orchestrator to the UiPath Orchestration Cloud. The result is reduced administration and increased platform accessibility and reliability. The transition was seamless! The UiPath Cloud Orchestrator really does live up to the catch phrase: "Start instantly; scale infinitely."

Can we help you?

WWT is a UiPath Partner with an external RPA Delivery team that can help generate similar success for you in either the public or private sector. UiPath RPA has helped many organizations overcome challenges posed by COVID-19. WWT and UiPath can help position you for even greater success in the post-pandemic world.

In using UiPath RPA to automate WWT internal processes, we are truly eating our own cooking. Our external engagements have been split about half and half between automating repetitive operations and connecting disparate systems. When it comes to introducing AI/ML to your RPA, WWT brings the expertise of a large and experienced AI/ML practice. What we've done for ourselves and for other external customers, we can do for you.

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