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As organizations continue to adopt more software-centric business models, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other technology providers need to find more efficient and secure ways of validating their products and enhancements.

But operating a state-of-the-art lab — one that continuously features the latest technology from a vast array of partners, from the biggest technology companies in the world to up-and-coming startups — stands as one of the costliest and most time-consuming aspects of the product lifecycle. 

One of WWT's leading strategic partners that had developed a network monitoring tool to help organizations increase visibility — from the data center to cloud to branch — was able to validate its product releases on its own infrastructure but needed an independent, high-powered lab environment to continually develop and enhance its software on other OEM platforms.   

The partner did not have the appropriate internal lab space available and found it challenging to source and bring in the equipment from other OEMs needed to demonstrate their software across the variety of platforms utilized by their end customers.  

Failing to validate new features and releases quickly would severely limit the profit potential of the innovative tool and risk alienating customers who were interested in the product but were not leveraging the partner's infrastructure. 


They used WWT's Lab Hosting services to test their software in a multi-vendor environment that they could not execute on their premises due to contractual and legal hurdles.

The partner initially contracted WWT to maintain two racks in our data center for three years. The partner's users soon saw the ATC's value and purchased additional equipment to accommodate a more expansive and capable lab environment. 

WWT also leveraged our leasing team to help defer the capital expense of the engagement by offering a lease term for the hardware instead of a capital expense and providing value by loaning gear to the customer while supply chain issues hold up the partner's purchased equipment.   


This dedicated lab lets the partner test and validate software, certify new features, and integrate these features with other products and platforms, allowing them to roll out software new releases and offerings more quickly.  Additionally, the significance is evident as we are unifying the user base that is located around the globe. 

To further accommodate this partner, the WWT Lab Hosting team has adjusted by adding personnel to support the increased number of partner users accessing and requested enhancements to the environment, which has provided additional cost savings.  

WWT's Lab Hosting services can provide up to five times its cost avoidance value compared to internal labs by circumventing costs associated with lab staffing and operation while accelerating decision-making and mitigating risk.

WWT's Lab Hosting streamlines the entire process, allowing our partners and clients to get in and out of the lab phase as efficiently as possible.  

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