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A leading healthcare provider offering advanced medical treatments in several states sought to modernize its data center with new storage and data protection solutions. 

Its existing data center infrastructure hosted critical data for 640 locations, including 15 hospitals and more than 350 physician practices. The risks of not modernizing were huge: an adverse event could result in lost patient data or even network failure during surgery.

To ensure it was using the best resources to achieve its objectives, the healthcare provider turned to WWT for help. 


When it came to modernizing the healthcare provider's data center and evaluating what it had on-premises, the customer shared with WWT that it was utilizing multiple third-party apps to manage the health of its current servers. To refresh its infrastructure and help simplify its IT management, we recommended the customer consider Dell PowerEdge MX7000.

By utilizing the Advanced Technology Center, we provided a hands-on, live workshop to showcase the capabilities of Dell PowerEdge MX7000, including the servers' seamless integration with VMware, and prove that the servers did not need third-party apps for IT management. In addition to the workshop, we delivered an on-premises MX7000 sandbox to allow the healthcare provider to fully understand the blade technology in the customer's test/dev environment and perform test drives with some of its applications.

We also improved the client's software-defined infrastructure environment by building and executing a VMware Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) for cost savings, flexible deployments, and simplified license management and renewals. WWT then implemented Pivotal through Pivotal Cloud Foundry for fast application development and deployment.

Following this engagement, we proactively aligned with strategic partners at Dell Technologies to create a value-added Technology Licensing Agreement (TLA). The TLA helped optimize storage costs and support growth and included the implementation of Dell EMC Data Domain for its scalable, high-speed and cloud-enabled protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery. 


After these engagements, the customer now has solutions that will help it rapidly deliver new experiences to its end users and protect its data from adverse events. 

And after seeing the benefits of the PowerEdge servers, the customer was confident in moving forward with the infrastructure refresh. By replacing its dated systems with PowerEdge servers, the customer will have simplified management at a fraction of the floor space, reduced power and cooling costs, and streamlined workflows. The customer will also be using WWT to simplify the supply chain process, where WWT will act as the healthcare provider's single point of contact for designing, building and deploying fully integrated systems.

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