Collaboration configuration and experience labs on-demand

Our collaboration lab offerings feature on-demand labs that can be accessed anywhere at anytime. These labs help customers demo new products, conduct product comparisons and provide a training environment for customer engineers.

A current listing of our available on-demand collaboration labs can be found below. To start exploring these on-demand capabilities, contact our collaboration labs team at

Configuration Labs

Collaboration System Release 11.5

Cisco Collaboration Systems Release (CSR) provides a comprehensive set of infrastructure, applications and endpoints that are designed, tested and integrated to deliver a superior user experience. This sandbox is broad, allowing for various configuration tasks on Cisco Communication Manager 11.5, Cisco Unity Connection 11.5 and Cisco IM & Presence 11.5. The lab shows the user interface of the release and allows engineers to test drive features and functions of the system.

Mobile Remote Access

The Mobile Remote Access (MRA) solution provides users who are external to the organization the ability to deploy physical endpoints and soft-clients such as Cisco Jabber, decreasing time spent trying to set up meetings and chat between disparate systems. The purpose of this lab is to allow engineers to configure all features and functionality provided through Mobile Remote Access (MRA). This lab uses Cisco Jabber clients to demonstrate functionality.

Session Management Edition 11.5

Enterprise customers have multiple and frequently mixed collaboration systems, resulting in a variety of inefficiencies including increased support costs. While consolidating systems may be a good idea for some organizations, others who may not have the capital to replace or upgrade all systems would still benefit from a centralized platform connecting all systems together. Cisco Session Management Edition (SME) allows organizations to do just that in providing shared resources for large-scale environments worldwide. Knowledge of the SME architecture can help push applications to end users across the entire enterprise, manage traffic spikes and streamline provisioning. This sandbox allows engineers to understand and practice the configuration tasks needed for a successful SME implementation.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Modern workplaces can have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different systems and applications used by the company workforce. Single Sign On (SSO) simplifies identity management and improves workflows for administrators and end users, preventing unnecessary IT tickets and password fatigue. This sandbox is focused on the tasks required to configure Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS 2.0) and guides users step by step in configuring the Identity Provider (IdP) and application for SSO.

Experience Labs

CafeX Supervisor Assist

CafeX Supervisor Assist helps companies provide highly interactive real-time coaching to agents on live customer-facing calls, regardless of where the agent is located. This lab provides users with an opportunity to experience some of the many ways CafeX Supervisor Assist can observe and collaborate with agents such as “Click to listen,” text agents during calls, view an agent’s desktop, use a spotlight pointer to highlight areas on an agent’s screen and take temporary control of an agent’s desktop to click on links, open files and assist in providing relevant information.

Cisco Meeting Server

Workplace transformation initiatives require integration of disparate tools with new platforms, whether for chat, presence, voice, videoconferencing or mobile. Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) brings premises-based video, audio and web communication together, allowing anyone to join a meeting from both Cisco and non-Cisco endpoints, meeting apps and compatible browsers. CMS offers a single server that allows for seamless integration and interoperability of all collaboration clients and provides higher density for conferencing. The configuration sandbox allows administrators and engineers to configure and see the advanced interoperability and scalability features of CMS, formerly Acano. In the experience lab, users can walk through a preconfigured server and see how CMS improves end-user productivity in various ways, including how to easily join meetings from any soft or hard client.