Enterprise Architecture

The increasing complexities and interdependencies between business and technology have brought a renewed interest to enterprise architecture (EA). Only through stabilizing and automating IT can organizations find digital success.

A Modern Approach to EA

The practice of EA has evolved over the course of its 20-year history. Despite the transformations, EA efforts still often fail to align technology changes with strategic goals, which is the only way EA can succeed.

As organizations look to transform the core functionality of IT and embrace next-generation technologies in order to thrive in an era of digital disruption, the role of EA has taken on a new level of criticality.

Often EA fails because strategy is created without regard for people, processes and architectural requirements. IT strategy becomes loosely tied to business strategy, and innovation is stunted as IT is left to put out daily fires.

We take a different approach to EA, one that balances actionable projects with dynamic, long-term strategy.

By accounting for strategy, readiness and implementation, our customers achieve an agile, supported, service-oriented EA that empowers IT and the business.

Strategy, Readiness, Implementation

WWT’s consulting and infrastructure services allow us to both develop EA strategy and make sure IT can cost-effectively operate new technology. This complete approach means our customers realize a return on investments across business, information, application and infrastructure architectures.

Experts in Innovation

WWT can help your organization develop a strategy and perform assessments to build secure, holistic information systems that may leverage modern capabilities such as automation and orchestration, hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and others.​

What makes our solution unique is our multi-disciplinary team that includes management consultants, operational experts focused on process and engineers from a variety of technology domains that leverage detailed reference architectures to help accelerate your vision.

We regularly provide our customers with IT infrastructure and services in the areas of compute, storage, networking, security, application development, big data and cloud. Enterprise architecture is where we merge these technology disciplines together.

Subject matter experts in every area of our business come together in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to design and stand up complete technical architectures for our large enterprise customers.

As part of the larger ATC ecosystem, teams dedicated to an enterprise architecture approach vet solution designs, as well as test those solutions for functionality and performance.

Providing a complete end to end solution, our engineers then write the code that integrates these systems together while utilizing our hands-on lab environments in the ATC to experiment, develop and test these advanced, innovative architectures.