A modern approach to enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture is an organizational practice for conducting IT analysis, design, planning and implementation with a holistic approach all the time. WWT’s consultants, advisors and engineers consistently work to design and deliver complex solutions, like enterprise architecture, for our customers that cut across infrastructure, data, applications and the business.

Often times, organizations lack the time and/or necessary skillset to develop a cohesive set of strategic artifacts across the enterprise and ultimately deploy, manage and integrate next-generation solutions that adhere to these strategies. Our goal is to help our customers develop an enterprise architecture that starts at the strategic level and manifests itself into one streamlined and unified approach for aligning technology enablers to business capabilities. The three-layer framework shown below outlines WWT’s approach to making enterprise architecture a reality for our customers.

Enterprise Architecture

For more detailed information about the three layer framework, check out this article.


WWT can help your organization develop a strategy and perform assessments to build secure, holistic information systems that may leverage modern capabilities such as automation and orchestration, hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and others.​​ What makes our solution unique is our multi-disciplinary team that includes management consultants, operational experts focused on process and engineers from a variety of technology domains that leverage detailed reference architectures to help accelerate your vision. We regularly provide our customers with IT infrastructure and services in the areas of compute, storage, networking, security, application development, big data and cloud. Enterprise architecture is where we merge these technology disciplines together.

Subject matter experts in every area of our business come together in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to design and stand up complete technical architectures for our large enterprise customers. As part of the larger ATC ecosystem, teams dedicated to an enterprise architecture approach vet solution designs, as well as test those solutions for functionality and performance. Providing a complete end to end solution, our engineers then write the code that integrates these systems together while utilizing our hands-on lab environments in the ATC to experiment, develop and test these advanced, innovative architectures.