Avocent ACS Advanced Console Server Lab

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Solution Overview

The Avocent ACS Advanced Console Server is a 1U appliance used by network, server and data center administrators to manage their serial-based infrastructure via SSH or Telnet. The ACS Advanced Console Server supports accessing the serial infrastructure both in-band and out-of-band. Using an RJ-45, DB-9 or DB=25 cable connection, ACS Advanced Console Server’s IP address, by SSH redirection, pass-through or by out-of-band connection through an external cellular (4G LTE) or internal analog modem. The flexibility of these options makes the ACS an excellent tool for customers to remotely and security access their IT equipment.

Goals & Objectives

During this lab you will learn that the Avocent ACS advance console server is an excellent fit for remote branch offices (edge IT), data centers, data closets or even IDFs. It is also an excellent management device for telecommunications, financial/banking, government and education industries. All hardware options will be addressed along with the software features available and each lab within this lab will demonstrate their functionality.

Hardware & Software

Avocent ACS 8000
Cisco 2960 Switch
Liebert MPH2-PDU