AWS Transit Gateway

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Solution Overview
AWS Transit Gateway is a service which enables customers to connect multiple Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their on-premises networks via VPN or Direct Connect. It was designed to simplify the networking connectivity to the cloud from the on-premises networks, provide an option to connect multiple VPCs together across the different accounts, scale the bandwidth elastically based on the application requirements and manage connectivity policies within the AWS cloud.

Goals & Objectives

This Lab is designed and build to provide hands-on experience with following: 
  • Explore AWS Transit Gateway Architecture 
  • Test the main use case for providing connectivity between On-Prem and AWS
  • Review the Transit Gateway Reference Architecture and test the service insertion functionality 

Hardware & Software

Amazon Web Services:
- Transit Gateway
- Route Tables 
- Site-to-site VPN 
- Cisco CSR1000v
- FortiGate NGFW
- Terraform