Cisco Tetration v3.3 Lab

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Solution Overview
The combination of modern advanced threats and uncontested lateral movement leaves application environments in an extremely vulnerable state. Cisco's Tetration Analytics platform is designed to address these challenges comprehensively using rich traffic telemetry collected from both servers and Cisco Nexus® switches. The platform performs advanced analytics using an algorithmic approach and enforces a consistent whitelist policy for applications. This algorithmic approach includes unsupervised machine-learning techniques and behavioral analysis. The platform provides a ready-to-use solution.

  • It provides complete visibility into application components, communications and dependencies to enable implementation of a zero-trust model in the network.
  • It performs real-time asset tagging, allowing administrators to associate specific characteristics with traffic telemetry data and workloads.
  • It automatically generates whitelist policy based on application behavior. It also provides a mechanism for including any existing security policy based on business requirements.
  • Organizations can enforce consistent policy across heterogeneous infrastructure and apply application segmentation. To enable all these functions, comprehensive Cisco Tetration telemetry data is collected using custom developed sensor and enforcement points. Two types of sensors are used: hardware sensors and software (endpoint) sensors. With these two types of sensors, the solution can support both existing (brownfield) and new (greenfield) data center infrastructure.

Goals & Objectives

Walk through how this powerful host-based segmentation solution addresses the most critical segmentation day-to-day tasks:

  1. Discovery: Establish business context through scopes and annotations. Collect traffic and perform Application Dependency Mapping.
  2. Policy Enforcement: Take the results of the Application Dependency Mapping and apply towards segmentation policy.
  3. Operations: See how Tetration monitors policy compliance.   Review how to apply incoming policy change requests. Browse the most common Tetration visualizations.

Review integration options (identity, alerting, ADC, firewal, etc).

Hardware & Software

Cisco Tetration