Event Correlation and Automation With BigPanda Lab

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Solution Overview

Built from the ground-up for large scale and complex IT environments, BigPanda’s Event Correlation and Automation platform helps organizations prevent and resolve IT outages through its innovative technology powered by AIOps. This live demo, running in the BigPanda SaaS environment, shows how IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams can use BigPanda to quickly and easily detect, investigate and resolve incidents and outages, slashing your MTTD, MTTA and MTTR metrics.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Ingest, normalize and enrich alerts, changes and topology from all of your tools
  2. Correlate all the collected data and cut down alert noise by 95 percent or more
  3. Detect incidents as they happen
  4. Surface root cause changes and other probable root causes
  5. Automatically share incidents with ITSM and collaboration tools
  6. Provide rich IT Ops reports, reports and analytics

Hardware & Software

BigPanda SaaS instance