Explore Cisco SD-Access Lab (Pod 2)

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Solution Overview
DNA Center is the central management, automation and monitoring point for an intent-based Cisco campus network. Although it is often associated with Software Defined Access (SDA), it is a very compelling product for management of traditional network technologies as well. Some of the benefits include: 


  • Centralized Device Management. 
  • Manage wired and/or wireless configurations.
  • Definition and configuration of common user policy everywhere using a single fabric across wired and wireless infrastructure.
  • Image management (updating or patching). 
  • Future proof – Management of Campus Fabric (Software Defined Access).
  • Deploying QoS easily, standardizing configuration without templates. 
  • Plug-n-Play for zero touch provisioning of new devices.


  • Health Scores (Network, End User and Application). 
  • Top Issues. 
  • Network Assurance. 
  • Insights – recommended actions for detected issues. 
  • Automated Sensors.
This Lab will provide a fully configured SD Access fabric for demonstration purposes, but can also be modified if desired. 

Goals & Objectives

This Advanced Technology Center lab environment will provide a fully configured fabric, where you can walk through and explore the capabilities of the SD-Access solution including the Design, Policy and Provision workflows that automate consistent configurations across the fabric for both wireless and wired environments. This lab leverages the Catalyst 9500/9400 switches.

In contrast to the Cisco SD-Access Foundations Lab, the starting point of this lab is a fully configured fabric where you will learn to explore and demonstrate the following:

  • Standard workflow of automating a network from Design to Policy to Provision.
  • Integration of wireless infrastructure within the fabric.
  • The different DNA Center features including Discovery, Inventory, Topology, Image Management, etc.
  • How to modify consistent access policies across the fabric.
  • To explore the telemetry and monitoring information provided in the DNA Assurance application.

** This capability can be reserved for a maximum of 1 day

Hardware & Software

  • Cisco DNA Center Appliance
  • Cisco Catalyst 9400/9500
  • Cisco WLC5520
  • Cisco AP3802
Software Versions: 
  • Cisco DNA Center: 1.3.0
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine : Patch 5,6,7,8
  • Catalyst IOS-XE: 16.11.01c 
  • Cisco WLC 8.8.120