Finesse Enhancements Using NovelVox

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Solution Overview
Cisco Finesse is a desktop platform used by both Contact Center Enterprise and Contact Center Express.  It provides an open API for integrations to enhance and expand the functionality of the system.  NovelVox has leveraged this open API to create a rich set of Agent and Supervisor gadgets that work seamlessly with the Finesse desktop.  

This lab will walk users through the features of both the agent and supervisor gadgets inside of a fully functioning Cisco PCCE environment.

Goals & Objectives

This lab provides a hands-on overview of the NovelVox Agent and Supervisor gadgets integrated with Finesse.  The student will be guided through all the following features:
  • Agent Statistics
  • Skill Group Statistics
  • Agent Details
  • NovelVox CTI Bar
  • Typical Agent Tasks
  • Supervisor Views of Agent and Skill Statistics
  • Typical Supervisor Tasks

Hardware & Software

This lab consists of the following components:
  • Cisco Call Manager 11.6
  • Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise 11.6
  • NovelVox Agent and Supervisor Gadgets