Hitachi Vantara HNAS 4080

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Solution Overview
To handle the massive growth of file-based data and applications in today's environments, you need efficient, highly scalable and high-performing network attached storage systems — but at a lower total cost of ownership.

Hitachi NAS Platforms help with file sharing, file server consolidation and application storage for Oracle, Microsoft and virtual environments. Deploy the highest performance per node in the industry and apply capacity efficiencies that let you actually do more with less. Realize significant cost savings for your organization.

The family of Hitachi NAS Platform gateway products gives you flexibility and choice. These systems handle many different workloads and use cases for enterprise data centers, medium organizations and remote data centers across a wide range of industries.

Goals & Objectives

This lab demonstrates the management GUI for the HNAS system called SMU. From this interface, one can manage the NAS functionalities like creating shares and NFS exports.

The goal of this demo is to give you experience with the Hitachi Vantara HNAS management GUI, SMU.

Hardware & Software

  • Web Browser
  • Hitachi Vantara HNAS 4080 Cluster