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Hitachi Vantara Ops Center

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Solution overview

IT management teams today are faced with unprecedented challenges: IT tool management sprawl, overburdened staff and critical business incidents taking much longer to analyze a root cause. IT budgets are decreasing, but projects and deliverables are growing. Hitachi Ops Center is a holistic data center software solution to manage, optimize, orchestrate and protect your data with advanced IT analytics and automation. Hitachi Ops Center allows for a scalable return on investment by predicting resource usage over time, allowing for efficient IT budget spend.

Hitachi Ops Center Suite is a software management tool intended to provide IT colleagues with resources to monitor, root cause, predict and find misconfigurations or right-size workloads across the organizations' entire data center. It consists of Analyzer, Automator, Administrator and Protector. While each of these tools provides support in critical IT areas, together they can provide necessary relief for IT teams to do more with less, troubleshoot with pinpoint accuracy and protect the data the business needs to gain a competitive advantage.

Hitachi Ops Center Administrator enables unified management through the enterprise. It streamlines system onboarding with simplified and federated provisioning of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform.

  • Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer enables IT to gain insights into how resources are working via end-to-end telemetry, including the operating systems, hypervisors, storage and network components, which give an end-to-end view of your systems globally. 
  • Hitachi Ops Center Automator is a workflow orchestrator. It automates storage provisioning and resource deployments beyond the hypervisor and operating systems.
  • Hitachi Ops Center Automator can quickly alleviate mounting administrator tasks, all while utilizing a ServiceNow integration for change management and approvals to follow strict IT processes.
  • Hitachi Ops Center Protector is Hitachi's advanced enterprise data protection and copy data management software. It enables the enterprise to improve application availability, resiliency, recoverability and costs.

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