Hitachi Vantara Storage Advisor

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Solution Overview
Hitachi Vantara Storage Advisor (HSA) is the newest storage management tool that enables simple and easy management of the latest Hitachi storage systems. With its built-in best practices, the provisioning of storage-to-hosts is easier and faster. This provisioning includes the zoning of the FC switches, which can be difficult and error prone. 

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to showcase the new management GUI for the Hitachi Vantara enterprise storage system. 

  • The first page features a dashboard that nicely shows the the status of the storage systems in the enterprise.  
  • A second page contains two modes of operation for provisioning: basic and advanced. Using basic mode, one can provision with very little skill required. The tool does all the heavy lifting and follows established best practices.  
  • Expert mode gives the storage admin additional options, allowing you to apply your own enterprise policies in provisioning.

Hardware & Software

  • HSA application
  • Hitachi G600