16 Launches
Solution Overview

This lab demonstrates the ease of day 0 installation of HPE dHCI (disaggregated hyper-converged infrastructure). HPE dHCI has the benefits of HCI in its ease of installation without the limitation of traditional HCI.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of the lab is to demonstrate the ease of dHCI's day 0 installation and configuration.

This lab runs in VMware Cloud Director with a virtual Nimble array and dHCI software installed. The encapsulated VMs act as ESXi servers. By running in the VCD environment, we can have as many instances and can easily reset and run the lab many times without interference between the users of the lab.

Hardware & Software

All of the components are virtualized in the VMware Cloud Director. Here are the relevant VMs:

  • Nimble Virtual Array
  • ESXi
  • Windows AD server
  • Win10 jumpbox