Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) Lab: Creating a Basic Service Model

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Solution Overview

NSO provides end-to-end service management across your multi-domain/multi-vendor environment. NSO also provides full lifecycle management of the service it manages, allowing you to deploy, rollback and delete any service across the network. This lab is a follow-on topic to the NSO fundamentals lab. In this lab, you will build a template-based service model and deploy services using CLI and REST. 

Goals & Objectives

  • Apply the skills you learned in the NSO Introductory Lab.
  • Apply a simple method to create a template-based service model.
  • Create and test the service model against NSO Netsims.
  • Apply methods for testing NSO NEDs vs. a service.
  • Gain understanding of NSO service modeling and NSO capabilities.

Hardware & Software

NSO 5.2.3