Nutanix Xi Beam

Solution Overview
Beam provides multi-cloud governance including security compliance and cost optimization to help organizations gain visibility, optimization and control over their cloud deployments. Beam enables cloud operations teams to multi-cloud with freedom.
  • Visibility into cloud consumption
  • Optimization of cloud consumption
  • Control over cloud consumption
  • Multi-Cloud governance with visibility, optimization and control

Goals & Objectives

This lab allows you to look at several cloud spending habits and places where optimizations may be possible. More importantly, you can look at how to do multi-cloud governance with intuitive visibility and control. 
  • Xi Beam Interface Walk-through
  • Cloud Integrations
  • Security Compliance and Remediation

Hardware & Software

Xi Beam is cloud based and is continuously being improved and does not have a specific version. The environment is currently pointed to AWS and to WWT's Nutanix on-prem infrastructure lab.