VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension

Solution Overview
Data center migrations are complex processes. Moving to a data center across the WAN is even more complicated. VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension allows efficient data center migration beginning at data center setup and design through migrations leveraging VMware technologies such as Cross-Cloud vMotion. Learn about VMware's SD-WAN technologies with high throughput Layer-2 Network Extension, Disaster Recovery, Low/No Downtime Migration and optimized data center-to-data center or data center-to-cloud connectivity.

Goals & Objectives

  • Investigate HCX Design and Pre-Requisites
  • Investigate HCX Migration Options including Cold Migration, vMotion, and vSphere Replication Assisted vMotion
  • Evaluate Layer 2 Extension capabilities and constraints
  • Migrate a workload from on-prem to cloud - LIVE!

Hardware & Software

VMware Cloud Foundation 3.x
  8 x VSAN Ready Nodes
VMware Cloud on AWS 3-Node Cluster
  3 x i3.metal nodes