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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

The life sciences landscape is increasingly complex. To remain competitive, companies must constantly assess and evolve their technological capabilities.

From discovery through distribution and everything in between, WWT helps life pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device organizations navigate the complexities of adopting innovative technology to achieve success.

Our Life Sciences practice offers a broad range of services spanning strategy, implementation and realization. We don't stop at solution research, analysis, modeling or strategy development. 

Our ability to seamlessly implement and integrate complex solutions across technology domains — from research optimization, data science and digital transformation to cybersecurity, infrastructure, and M&A and divestiture — helps life science companies achieve market success faster.

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Our approach

Our approach

Strategy plus execution and realization

Our Life Sciences practice consists of healthcare and biotech professionals intimately familiar with the most pressing challenges in the field, including:

  • An inability to fully leverage data to produce actionable insights.
  • Outdated approaches to R&D and manufacturing.
  • A lack of collaboration across business units.
  • Poor digital engagement of clinicians and patients.

WWT approaches these challenges in a unique way. Not only are we experts at innovation, strategy and solution development, we're the rare partner who also excels at implementation and execution. Our life science experts are backed by engineering and architectural teams spanning nearly every technology domain. Wherever you are in your journey, we can help you leverage technology to achieve actionable insights that move your business forward.

How we help

How we help

Research Optimization

Life science companies require innovative research capabilities to successfully navigate the increasingly complex healthcare landscape. WWT enables the acceleration of early-, late- and post-indication research with next-generation augmented intelligence. To date, we've deployed some of the world’s largest NLP research environments and supercomputers, several of which are purposed for genomic research.

Weaving our industry-leading data strategy solutions with our ontology-free, novel heuristics and machine learning technologies, we can measurably improve the speed, cost and success rate of drug development. We also empower scientists and researchers to focus on work that requires specialized human judgement and expertise by automating, expediting and virtualizing research.

Lab of the Future

We help life science companies around the world adapt to today's rapidly changing ecosystems. Our lab of the future is built on a next-generation digital IoT platform that enables your scientists to streamline workflows and unlock new value from experiments.

Starting with the ingestion of real-time data from intelligent instruments and smart cameras, then leveraging advanced technologies like computer vision, we can completely transform laboratory workflows. Our lab of the future approach enables data-driven, automated action through the application of strategic business rules and analytics. By accessing more complete data sets with improved contextualization, you'll be able to generate richer scientific insights faster.

Data Strategy

As technology continues to disrupt healthcare, life science companies must modernize their approach to remain successful. But properly aligning technology with business initiatives requires a transformation in data strategy. As more companies compete to deliver value to patients, reliance on antiquated approaches to data storage and access are simply not sustainable.

Whether it's cloud or hybrid cloud migration, or the aggregation and normalization of data from proprietary and publicly available knowledge sources, WWT's clients are rapidly modernizing their data strategies. Determining your level of data maturity is the first step in shaping a winning data and analytics solution. The consultative, data science and technical expertise that underpins our outcomes-driven approach is designed to create near-term value while accelerating actionable insights for long-term success.

Digital Experience

Digital acceleration is spreading across healthcare and life science industries. Virtual sales enablement, telehealth, provider portals, customer and patient engagement apps, and virtual clinical trials all represent opportunities for life science companies to advance their digital footprint.

WWT enables and accelerates business outcomes by demonstrating, developing, designing, building and deploying integrated architectural solutions and superior digital experiences. We can integrate existing technology investments, like CRMs and marketing software, with digital solutions like video collaboration platforms, AI-powered chatbots and advanced analytics solutions. By creating seamless digital solutions for customer-facing, corporate and clinical workflows, we can help you drive efficiencies while optimizing the user experience for your employees, providers, patients and partners.

M&A in the Life Sciences

M&A in the Life Sciences

WWT’s M&A team has provided advisory and delivery services to life science organizations in the midst of extremely complex merger, acquisition and divestiture activities. Our experts can support organizations at every step of the M&A journey — before, during and after deal closure — helping expedite transactions and meet critical deadlines on time.

Learn more about our proven M&A capabilities by visiting our practice page below. Or read about how we helped a global pharmaceutical business spin-off from its parent company within an incredibly aggressive timeline.

AI & Life Sciences eBook

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have allowed the field of life sciences to make significant leaps forward, completely reshaping traditional notions of the time and cost needed for activities like drug discovery, imaging and more.

WWT helps life sciences organizations leverage data to inform and accelerate impactful treatment discovery, manufacturing, distribution, marketing/sales and more.

With industry expertise and proven AI experience, we partner with global pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device organizations to navigate the complexities of innovative technology and confidently move from possibility to AI reality — faster.