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Vyasa software provides a novel AI-powered platform for organizations to integrate and analyze content across their entire enterprise data landscape. Recently acquired by Certara, Vyasa deep learning software enables healthcare and life science professionals to gain new value from their data. Its highly-scalable data fabric allows users to connect disparate data sources regardless of file type or storage location. Low-code applications built on top of the data fabric allow healthcare and life science teams to leverage deep learning to accelerate tasks such as early-stage research, clinical trial design, small-compound analytics, patient cohort curation, and more.

Address dark data with Vyasa, NVIDIA and World Wide Technology

Industry analysts report that 97% of enterprises use at least one type of cloud deployment, with the majority deploying hybrid or multi-cloud environments. 

While these environments deliver new flexibility to organizations, they can also deepen dark data issues which currently impact as much as 80% of organizational data. Dark data refers to data and workflows stored across multiple silos, but also the variety of formats the data is stored in such as spreadsheets, written documents, reports, PDFs, images, and more. 

As today's data landscapes become increasingly diverse and distributed, how can organizations future-proof their environments to maintain productivity and collaboration? 

Intelligent data fabrics for deep learning

When deploying new AI solutions, organizations have traditionally developed custom environments requiring massive amounts of data for their workflows to operate. As a result, teams are burdened with managing multiple silos that fail to give organizations the agility and transparency they're seeking in their modernization efforts. 

Vyasa has developed a novel approach to address this challenge. Known as an intelligent data fabric, Vyasa Layar enables organizations to apply deep learning across large sets of data regardless of storage location or file structure. As a result, customers can integrate and run analytics across their entire data landscape within a single platform. 

Vyasa Layar is delivered with pre-built deep learning models, and customers have the flexibility to integrate their own models into Layar to run custom workflows against their data fabric, leveraging a suite of low code application interfaces.

Certara's Vyasa AI-powered platform accelerates life sciences research

Life sciences, pharmaceutical and other healthcare research firms can use the Vyasa AI software platform to accelerate research and increase speed-to-market. Specific benefits of Vyasa data fabric and deep learning capabilities allow organizations to: 

  • Connect disparate cloud and on-premise data sources into a single platform without moving or replicating data.
  • Identify relationships within data via dynamic knowledge graphs.
  • Turn unstructured content into structured insights through smart spreadsheets.
  • Track events and anomalies occurring within your data fabric with real-time dashboards.

Organizations leverage Vyasa to accelerate early-stage life science research, enhance clinical trial design & enrollment, conduct competitor intelligence, improve analyses around customer touchpoints, and gain a better understanding of patient and customer populations.

AI platform deployment considerations

Deploy where you want it

As a fully containerized solution, Vyasa Layar can be deployed on premises, as well as in public or private cloud environments. This provides a dynamic solution for organizations operating across multiple environments. 

Initial installation requirements include:

  • RAM: 256GB
  • CPU: 16+ cores
  • GPU: 2x NVIDIA V100 32GB generation or later
  • Disk: 1TB SSD

Want the advantages of the cloud while maintaining the data control and security of an on-premise environment? Vyasa's architecture allows you to deploy an intelligent data fabric across cloud adjacent infrastructure.

Enterprise support and validated performance with NVIDIA VMI

NVIDIA Virtual Machine Image, or VMI, a part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, dramatically cuts down deployment time by automatically installing Kubernetes, the latest GPU drivers, and other required software. It's designed for hybrid and multi-cloud environments and enables customers to use the latest NVIDIA software and application frameworks for the development and deployment of AI, all of which is fully supported by NVIDIA through the NVIDIA AI Enterprise offering.

Vyasa Layar is fully validated for deployment via NVIDIA VMI, providing a seamless and accelerated experience for deployment in a self-managed Kubernetes cluster in your preferred cloud. 

Flexible AI for healthcare & life science analytics 

Vyasa, NVIDIA and World Wide Technology provide a flexible solution for healthcare and life science organizations to apply advanced AI analytics across their data. With an intelligent data fabric, organizations can enhance and accelerate

  • Early-stage research
  • Clinical trial analysis & recruitment
  • Drug target discovery
  • De novo compound generation
  • Image analysis
  • Genomic analysis
  • Competitor & market intelligence

Evaluate and test data fabrics

Interested in testing Vyasa? Access the Vyasa data fabric lab within the the Advanced Technology Center (ATC).

WWT, NVIDIA and Vyasa encourage anyone looking to evaluate this solution to leverage the environments the team has built and tested within AWS and within the Advanced Technology Center. Create an account on to access both the ATC physical environment and the AWS instance via a web browser of their choice from anywhere in the world. 

Your organization can also work with the WWT, NVIDIA and Vyasa teams to customize the solution before validating a custom configuration that is right for them or they can simply be granted access to a solution ready to be validated.

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