Mecklenburg Counties Collaboration Enterprise Agreement

A Lifecycle Approach to EA Success

Mecklenburg County- Cisco Collaboration EA Onboarding 2023

Welcome to Mecklenburg County Enterprise Agreement (EA) Onboarding site. This page contains all information pertinent to Mecklenburg Counties EAs as of September 27, 2023. 


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • WWT Value Add and EA+ Methodology
  • Entitlements & Consumption
  • Links to Resources
  • Call to Action

WWT Value Add and EA+ Methodology 

It's important to us at WWT that you fully understand not only the EA you have purchased, but also our EA+ Methodology and what that means to you. The graphic below gives a visual of our lifecycle approach: 

Getting Started in your EA

Mecklenburg County purchased this 1 Year Collaboration Enterprise Agreement (EA), which encompasses your Flex 3.0 and Contact Center needs.