Practical Applications of IoT in the Government – A Must-Attend Event

Public and private sector experts discussed and demonstrated how IoT technology can enable your organization’s mission goals. They explored use cases and best practices to increase mobility and productivity to drive strategic business outcomes.

January 15, 2020 4 minute read

Technology drives success and solves problems every day. For the public sector workforce, this affects everything from gathering intelligence to protecting and defending the homeland, while providing excellent customer service to citizens. As agencies take steps to modernize the tools they are using to achieve mission success, the most common technological denominator has become the Internet of Things (IoT).

The power of IoT and the data it will produce are seemingly limitless. At World Wide Technology, our pragmatic approach to IoT increases agency agility and contains costs by leveraging the ever-advancing technology across this burgeoning industry. From analytics to automation and visualization, we help connect the unconnected to derive insights that enable data-driven decisions. This was the focus for recent event WWT hosted in our Washington, D.C. Innovation Center.

On Thursday, Sept. 5, WWT showcased the transformative power of IoT during WWT’s IoT Industry Day.

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The D.C. Innovation Center was developed specifically for a real-time, hands-on experience like this. The collaborative, open-concept 11,640-square-foot space is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies designed to deliver innovative solution demonstrations, proofs of concept and product benchmarking initiatives. The D.C. Innovation Center also has a direct connection to the WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in St. Louis, extending the reach and core capabilities to advance the conceptualization and testing of new solutions geared for federal, state and local government environments.

Attendees of the event had the opportunity to hear directly from public and private sector experts as they discuss and demonstrate how IoT technology can enable your organization’s mission goals. From asset tracking, to gathering data that will guide decision-making, to storing information securely in a multi-cloud environment, we will explore use cases and best practices to increase mobility and productivity to drive strategic business outcomes.

Following the mainstage sessions, attendees were able to experience IoT technology firsthand during an exclusive tour of the D.C. Innovation Center, where you will be able to customize your experience by engaging with real-time demos that most impact your agency, including WWT’s own Mobile Field Kit (MFK), an innovative IoT platform that provides teams with real-time visualization and mapping of CBRN threats, personnel location and health, and other sensor data.

Additional demos included:

IoT Data Demo | Presented by Elastic

Elastic experts discussed collection, storage and analysis of IoT data through a real-time operations center simulation.

Lockdown Alarm Demo | Presented by Emergency Alert Solutions Group

EAS’ Lockdown ALM™ displayed their notification system intended for use in crisis situations such as an “active shooter” incident.

Privoro SafeCase Demo | Presented by Privoro

Privoro SafeCase™ utilizes a first-of-its-kind smartphone case that actively jams microphones and blocks cameras; and SafeCase’s Mobile Device Manager allows for an integrated user experience for policy compliance management and encrypted Blue Force Tracking.

Crisis and Resource Management Demo | Presented by Patrocinium

Patrocinium’s 3D next-generation crisis and resource management platform enables real-time 3D visualization of employees and the public within buildings or any geofenced location during emergencies.

Fybr Demo Rig | Presented by Fybr

The Fybr demo rig consists of a parking sensor, an LED light controller and a tablet to view the remote deployments of a weather station in St. Louis and an air quality sensor in DC. The tablet also allows audience to view Fybr's Parking Genius app, broadcasting live parking data from the Chinatown district in DC.

For full details on IoT Industry Day, including information on onsite demos, scheduled speakers and  presenting sponsors, please visit here.

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