Public Sector


For more than 30 years, WWT has supported both commercial and public sector clients, allowing us to deliver the most innovative ideas and solutions to all our customers. 

Our proven history of successful collaborations and long-standing, deep-rooted public-private partnerships has solidified WWT as the leading technology solution provider among today’s government agencies. Our commitment to our partner ecosystem and our ability to provide the right solution for a government agency’s specific requirement is what makes WWT a vital partner to our customers.

WWT draws on key strategic technology partnerships along with the deep expertise of its teams at our state-of-the-art Advanced Technology Center in St. Louis, and our Innovation Center in the nation’s capital, to deliver on the government’s modernization initiatives while incorporating new and emerging technologies. This includes exploring how agencies can harness the power and possibility of advancements spanning robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented/virtual reality, next-generation infrastructure, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT). By providing a collaborative environment, WWT develops integrated, innovative services and solutions to achieve mission-critical goals.

Federal, state and local governments, and educational organizations, are essential to our day-to-day lives. For that to continue unhindered, it is imperative that these agencies accelerate their digital transformation to keep up with the demand of evolving infrastructures and the impact of emerging technologies.

WWT team members, who include former federal, state and local CIOs and IT leaders, collaborate with our clients to design, build, demonstrate and deploy integrated solutions using best-of-breed technology and suppliers. No matter what public sector agencies are trying to accomplish, WWT is the partner they trust to achieve the mission.