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Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before. Major improvements to enterprise technology used to surface every few years. Now, core infrastructure is updated as frequently as our favorite mobile apps.

Technology is also becoming increasingly connected. Whereas the introduction of new technology or upgrade used to require us to test it against one system, we must now assess how it will impact systems across the entire enterprise.

IT needs a better way to conquer the speed and complexity of technology.

That's why I'm excited about our new, ATC Platform.

By making our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) ecosystem accessible through, we've created a platform that I believe will become the new home for IT practitioners and decision-makers.

Digitizing a technology ecosystem

The ATC Platform is radically different than anything that exists today because the ATC is a radically different kind of technology ecosystem.

We bring today's cutting-edge technologies into our ATC ecosystem to create a force multiplier of knowledge, speed and agility that benefits our customers anytime, anywhere around the world. With hundreds of traditional and emerging technology companies under one roof, the ATC is where the most complex questions are answered and where we help our customers make a new world happen

We find when our customers, partners and employees engage with labs inside the ATC, the ecosystem builds upon itself. As more knowledge is shared, more intellectual property is born.

We asked ourselves: What would happen if we shared this ecosystem with the entire IT community and committed to evolving it into an ever-expanding digital platform capable of delivering new digital experiences?

We began to envision a new wave of innovation. And we got to work.

Our engineering and marketing teams converged and started iterating on a next-generation, digitized version of the ATC.

The task was far from easy but well worth the effort.

Digital experiences to meet the needs of IT

With the ATC ecosystem now online and open to all, we are able to deliver digital experiences for IT practitioners and decision-makers that can't be found anywhere else.

Accelerated learning

We believe self-learning to be critical to IT success, and that learning will become even more crucial in the future as technology domains continue to blur.

Our ATC labs cover every aspect of an enterprise architecture and many are launchable on-demand. There are labs for security, automation, multicloud, software-defined networks and data centers, and application development.

The power of community

When users of the ATC Platform connect, communities build organically for constant collaboration and problem-solving across technology topics.

These communities are where the power of the platform shines, because they enable users to put what they're learning into action.

This combination of learning and doing is critical as next-generation outcomes rely on both strategy and execution.

As the platform evolves, I expect community members will access our labs and experts to learn and educate themselves and others, get input and advice on key decisions, and share and collaborate on codebases and architectures. Together, we will design the infrastructure and outcomes that run our businesses.

Technology is moving too fast and growing too complex not to have a digital community that allows us to learn and execute at the speed of change.

Innovation goes viral

At WWT, we talk a lot about how innovation doesn't happen overnight. Innovation is not the product of one person with one spectacular idea. Rather, it's a never-ending cycle of many people coming together and iterating on ideas.

By opening the one-of-a-kind technology ecosystem that is the ATC and building communities where our technology experts can collaborate with any member of the IT industry, we've created a platform where innovation can go viral.

As excited as I am about this unprecedented platform for IT, I'm even more excited about the innovations that will come out of it.

The only thing to do now is ask ourselves: What will we create together?

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