Reinvent your customers’ experience

Technology is transforming virtually every aspect of retail: changing how consumers shop, expanding the tools they use to gather information and raising their expectations.

This poses a challenge for retailers. Retailers are now faced with offering a seamless, personalized customer experience that spans all devices and knows no boundaries. We can help.

From iterative application development to installing the infrastructure and architectures needed to capture and analyze consumer behavior for data-driven decision-making, our experts help you understand your shopper’s journey today and what it could look like in the future.

When retailers integrate cloud, analytics, web and mobile; bridge gaps within their CRM, call center and e-commerce applications; and adopt agile processes that can keep up with rapid software and hardware updates, technology no longer becomes a disruption, but rather an opportunity to realize business outcomes.

Differentiate With Mobile Apps

As customers increasingly spend more of their time on their phones, tablets and wearables, they engage only with retail applications that give them relevant, personalized content in an easy-to-use, reliable format. This means custom iOS and Android apps that include robust code testing to mitigate crashes, custom graphics for ad placement and the adoption of agile processes that can pivot with industry changes and keep up with software and hardware releases. We work with customers to deliver applications that drive their business, from concept to deployment.

Reduce Customer Friction

How long can you afford for your customers to wait in line? When customers don’t have a retail experience that’s tailored to their schedules, they move on. We solve this by integrating your mobile applications with business systems such as your CRM or loyalty programs. And, with our wireless networking expertise, we can build customizable, captive Wi-Fi portal screens for increased activation of mobile applications. This helps a retail customer’s journey seamlessly transition between digital and physical interaction with your business.

Build Loyalty Across Channels

Mobile, web, custom applications, digital signage, email, social media, online catalogues, kiosks…all of these platforms are a chance to market to your customer. But is your message consistent? We can implement wireless infrastructure and cloud analytics solutions, so you can begin to see where and how your customers are consuming your message. And we can help you translate device ID to person or persona, so you can deliver them a differentiated but consistent experience across channels.

Become Data-Driven

When retailers install wireless access points designed to capture consumer behavior through location analytics and when they build mobile applications that grow digital engagement, suddenly, they are awash in data. You can know the time and location of digital connection, device ID, session time and dwell time, but can you present it in a way that allows decision-makers to take action? We can show you how to build and integrate APIs for data extraction and analyze data in real time through cloud and on-premise architectures.

We give you the infrastructure solutions to support a scalable data warehouse, so you can take ownership of your data to drive business. With this in place, you can, for example, up-sell ad or commercial space in highly trafficked areas of your stores and facilities. Whatever the use case, you are empowered to make real-time decisions and validate or disprove market segmentation assumptions to grow revenue.