Reimagining customer experiences



Technology is transforming virtually every aspect of retail — from how consumers shop, to the tools they use to gather information and compare products, to their expectations around every aspect of a transaction.

This poses a challenge. How are retailers supposed to deliver seamless, personalized experiences that span all devices and meet ever-expanding consumer expectations?

WWT can help. While most companies solely operate in either digital or physical spaces, we excel in both. We bring together cross-functional practices to integrate and activate solutions faster than the competition. From iterative application development to installing the infrastructure needed to capture and analyze consumer behavior for data-driven decision-making, our retail experts can help you better understand your shopper’s journey today and anticipate what it'll look like tomorrow.

Our retail expertise

Our retail expertise
  • Grocery stores
  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Big box retail
  • Online-only and specialty retail
  • Retail banking
  • Retail trade organizations
  • Wireless mobility and location analytics
  • Network infrastructure
  • In-store wayfinding
  • Digital signage
  • Online order and pickup
  • Data analytics
  • Custom software development

Solving customer experience challenges

Solving customer experience challenges

Lack of mobile presence

As your customers increasingly make decisions on cell phones, tablets and wearables, a war for their attention is being waged below the surface. Today’s busy consumers tend only to engage with apps that deliver relevant, timely and personalized content in an easy-to-use, reliable format. 

This means retailers' custom iOS and Android apps need to be supported by robust code testing to mitigate crashes, custom graphics for ad placement, and agile development that pivots with industry changes and keeps pace with the speed of software and hardware releases. We work with retail customers to develop and deliver applications that drive their business, from concept through deployment.

Shopping bottlenecks

How long can you afford for customers to wait in line? When experiences aren’t tailored to the expectations of today's consumers, they simply move on. We solve this by integrating your mobile applications with your business systems (e.g., CRM or loyalty programs). 

Plus, our wireless networking experts can build customizable, captive Wi-Fi portal screens that increase customer activation of mobile apps. This omnichannel experience can help customers seamlessly transition between digital and physical interactions with your business.

Solving retail industry challenges

Solving retail industry challenges

Direct-to-consumer competition

The rise and continued success of direct-to-consumer business models (think mattresses, eyeglasses, tailored suits, meal prep, etc.) is reshaping the retail industry. Online shopping is easier and more fluid and personalized than ever, allowing product owners to cut out the middleman and become their own distributors. Historical barriers of entry into retail are nearly non-existent in the digital economy. 

WWT's product growth experts can help you understand and anticipate how meaningful digital experiences can shape your customer’s real-world demands. We can help bring your traditional retail model into the digital age, not only to compete with direct-to-consumer models, but to offer exceptional customer experiences that cannot be replicated by digital-only competitors.

Fewer store visits, waning brand loyalty

Mobile, web, custom applications, digital signage, email, social media, online catalogues, kiosks — all of these platforms represent a chance to market to your customer. But is your message consistent? Our networking experts can implement and optimize your wireless infrastructure and cloud analytics solutions, so you can begin to see where and how your customers are consuming your message. 

We can also help you translate device ID to person or persona, so you can craft and deliver a differentiated but consistent experience across channels.

Solving business challenges

Solving business challenges

Underutilization of data

When retailers install wireless access points to capture consumer behavior or build mobile apps to grow digital engagement, they’re suddenly awash in data. While it’s relatively easy to pull the time and location, device ID, session time and dwell time from this data, retailers often struggle with the next step — to present these findings in a way that enables decision-makers to take action. 

WWT can show you how to build and integrate APIs for data extraction and analyze data in real time through cloud and on-premise architectures. Moreover, we can deliver the infrastructure solutions needed to support a scalable data warehouse, so you can take true ownership of data to drive business outcomes.

Poor service design, under-equipped employees

Creating multiple ways for customers to interact with your brand can put added pressure on your employees. Behind the scenes, there's often a disconnect between business leaders and IT regarding a shared vision for technology objectives. The brunt of this disconnect often falls on employees, who are ultimately ill-equipped to meaningfully collaborate with coworkers, execute technology plans or meet the elevated expectations of modern consumers. 

WWT can help you anticipate and plan for the various effects that different customer experiences will have on operations.

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