Testing environments and services for accelerated decision making

Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before. It is imperative that organizations incorporate new technologies into their business to remain relevant in the market. But new technologies carry uncertainty. How will they operate within your environment?

We designed a portfolio of lab services to offload the expensive, time consuming and risky business of technology testing.

WWT provides a number of testing services and supports many use cases, including product comparisons, architecture validation, migration, upgrade, performance and functionality testing.

With multi-OEM capabilities and integrations, including connections to public cloud providers, the ATC is built to test and prove out the latest technologies that enable your specific business outcomes. The Lab Services team can mimic real-world scenarios using our investment in tools such as IXIA to simulate traffic generation and impairment, as well as stateful application and security testing.


In order to make lab services engagements seamless and consistent, WWT focuses on the following levels of customization.

On-demand Integrated Solutions Demo

WWT has invested in a number of on-demand demonstrations of common configurations and integrated solutions, available via the ATC Portal, a web application providing online access to ATC resources. One click connects you to more than 600 product or integrated solution demos and experts to walk you through them.

View our on-demand Collaboration Labs.


Sandbox environments allow you to configure, break, fix, test and explore new and existing technologies. These environments are available in the ATC for you to let your engineers and solutions managers experiement with new ideas, alternate configurations and cutting-edge technologies in a way that’s safely separate from your normal organizational systems and operations.

We partner with a long list of OEMs to provide access to multiple solutions and configuration possibilities across a vast range of technologies. Our sandbox environments can help you see firsthand the results of any configuration or other changes to your systems.

Proof of Concept

A WWT proof of concept can provide solutions to new problems, validation of integrated technologies, confirm functionality with existing systems and so much more. We provide a multi-vendor environment in which you can make sure investments, upgrades or innovations will positively affect your organization and achieve your specific business objectives.

Proofs of concept leverage our existing (and expanding) data center infrastructure, as well as equipment from our strategic partners and OEMs, and bring it all together with our solution experts and test automation capabilities to simulate a solution or implementation in record time.

Lab as a Service

WWT’s lab as a service (LaaS) offers dedicated lab resources within the ATC built to suit customer performance, security, access and testing requirements. This provides unparalleled levels of innovation by offering the ability to perform programmatic testing, leveraging OEMs and technology that already exist in the ATC.

One global Banking Corporation wanted to introduce a load balancing solution into their network environment to provide increased resiliency and security for the electronic trading taking place online and through their mobile application. However, they needed to validate the proposed benefits and ensure the integration would not disrupt current operations.

This type of infrastructure testing would take the Bank up to 18 months to complete, tying up internal resources or draining the budget if outsourced to various companies. Using our LaaS offering in the ATC, along with our vast testing expertise, their certification process was almost cut in half by using dedicated hardware that mimicked their production environment. Learn more about this engagement.


We can provide in-depth training at your location, remotely or at our state-of-the-art facilities inside the ATC. We offer everything from “bootcamps” to detailed courses on storage and network management, providing insights into the latest IT trends and innovations.

Your team will work with highly certified WWT experts and technical solution architects to explore new concepts and multi-vendor solutions, giving you hands-on access to some of the most cutting-edge technology available today.

WWT also offers Cisco Training Services as a Cisco Gold Certified Partner. We are a Cisco Learning Specialized Partner and well-equipped to deliver authorized training for certifications and professional development.