An incubator for IT innovation

Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is like no other testing and research lab. We call it an ecosystem. You’ll call it the first place your engineers go for exclusive resources, guidance and tools.

The ATC is a collaborative ecosystem to design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions for World Wide Technology customers, partners and employees. With it, we’ve helped our customers do amazing things. For example, one major oil company was able to reduce the time it took to evaluate complex object storage from six months to two weeks.

This company now knows the viability of bringing 100 petabytes of seismic data stored on tape online. And recently, we used the ATC to build a replica of the unified communications environment of a large federal healthcare provider. This helped the provider understand how to mitigate the risk of outage and identify bugs during a major upgrade.

Our virtual lab connects our engineers to the ATC when they’re working at your site. This portal makes it easier for your team, WWT engineers and our partners to collaborate, design and test solutions in sandbox environments, 24/7.