Strategic Staffing

People are your greatest asset. Don't take the search for them lightly.

Our dedicated and designated experts are on call to help you achieve your goals.

WWT delivers complex technology implementations and operational staffing support with world-class expertise. Strategic Staffing gives clients easy access to our highly skilled and diverse talent pool. 

The right support at the right time to achieve business outcomes.

Whether you need on-site or remote resources, our flexible staffing models can fill nearly any technical skills gap. With hundreds of embedded resources transforming businesses globally, we’re the right partner to accelerate your digital journey.

Achieve a wide range of business outcomes with Strategic Staffing experts embedded across Networking, Unified Communications, Security and many more technology competencies. Our highly skilled resources can be consumed as needed at a price point that won’t break the bank.

Portfolio advantages

Our staffing portfolio makes it easy to procure services from WWT. Customers no longer need to source, train and retain all aspects of their IT departments. Many clients need only three to six months of support to achieve a business objective or transformation initiative. Our portfolio adapts to the level of skilled support you need.

Advantages include:
  • Flexibility. Financial flexibility to meet business goals, commercial flexibility to consume resources at the speed of your business.
  • Expertise. With hundreds of industry-leading certifications, our engineers offer short-term assistance and have the ability to become longer-term extensions of your IT department.

Portfolio coverage

Certified professionals cover the technology spectrum, integrating products and services from thousands of OEMs, equipment vendors, distributors, channel partners, software publishers, consultants and internal resources to create integrated technology solutions focused on solving business problems.

Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) gives customers hands-on access to cutting edge solutions spanning automation and orchestration, multicloud, digital strategy, digital workspace, infrastructure modernization, data center, networking, security transformation and more. We support engagements from discovery and design through implementation and post-implementation support.

Our dedicated and designated experts are backed by 3,000+ WWT technical resources, have live support from our 24x7x365 Command Center, and get direct reach back to leading OEM personnel.

Tom Gain, Vice President of Infrastructure Services

Explore key staffing benefits

Talent Evaluation & Screening

Sourcing the right talent is more than filling gaps. Our customized screening and evaluation focuses only on top talent. We take the time to hold intake calls with hiring teams — not only to understand the role but learn how the position fits into your culture.

Wide range of skill sets

Find qualified architects, engineers, subject matter experts, project and program managers, technical specialists, operations and support, application developers and more. Our experts have a wide range of skill sets and industry experience.

Customer focus

Strategic Staffing from WWT emphasizes a managerial focus on resource one-on-ones, customer interface, status reporting and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Culture and Values

At WWT, our culture and core values are central to what we do. That's why we make it a point to instill and reinforce these values with all of our resources.



Operations Command Center

Resources also have access to our Infrastructure Services Command Center, a virtual platform of engineers, labs, testing environments, technology partners and automations specifically created for peer review and technical support.

ATC ecosystem

All resources have reach back into our unique ATC ecosystem featuring 3,000+ certified engineers, virtual teams, solutions architects, integration centers, logistics, labs, training, demos and much more!


What to expect

What to expect

Customers use Strategic Staffing for project-related work, skill set gaps and resource shortages. We deliver pre-screened and trained IT professionals ready to meet mission-critical objectives and become an extension of your IT team. Our structured approach includes requirements assessment, candidate discovery and full candidate screening.

Strategic Staffing is critically important, particularly when adding additional headcount isn’t an option. Our resources can be deployed on-site, remote from our command center, or a mixture of both depending on your business needs. Regardless of proximity, WWT is committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations.