Cisco Webex Meetings Training: Custom Onboarding for Remote Employees

1 hour
This training provides Cisco Webex Meetings best practices broken down into bite-sized learning and formatted for a blended-learning audience. All training agendas and collateral will be customized based on the organization's process flows and branding guidelines. (Two rounds of revisions per collateral.) The cost of this training is $15,000.

What to Expect

The following items are included in this training: 

  • Five virtual training sessions
  • One email communication with tips & tricks for working remotely
  • One Cisco Webex Teams FAQ
  • Choice of five quick reference guides
  • Choice of five how-to videos

Goals & Objectives

By delivering remote learners a rich meeting experience, team collaboration, the ability to easily work from any device and powerful calling, employers can ensure their workforce are fully supported in the ability to do their job from anywhere at any time.


Below are the topic options for the quick reference guides and how-to videos: 

  • Scheduling Webex meetings
  • Joining Webex meetings
  • Hosting/participating in Webex meetings
  • Webex mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Personal Room setup and preferences
  • Webex recordings
  • Delegate access
  • Webex reports
  • Sharing content
  • Personal Conference Number (PCN)