Itential Automation Platform (IAP) Introductory Training

6 hours
In this training seminar, you get a hands-on walk through of the Itential Automation Platform. You will also create a basic workflow. You will have access to your own IAP, Ansible and NSO instances and a desktop environment with all the tools needed to build services and workflows.

What to Expect

This seminar will give you a deeper understanding of this flexible and powerful product. You will use the IAP dashboard for common network administration tasks and build a service management workflow.

  • NSO fundamentals and how they apply to IAP
  • An understanding of the skillset needed to work with IAP
  • Experience working with the IAP operations GUI
  • Experience working with key dashboard tools like MOP and Golden Config
  • Experience working with and creating IAP workflows
  • An understanding of how IAP works with other orchestrators like NSO and Ansible

Goals & Objectives

Itential Automation Platform (IAP) is an operations toolset and workflow engine from Itential. The world’s largest service providers and IT organizations use IAP to:

  • Provide an operations “dashboard” GUI for consolidating key ops functions.
  • Create and manage complex operations-facing workflows integrated with device control, AAA, databases and other key applications like ServiceNow.
  • Automate large-scale IT actions and services through associated device adapters (NSO or Ansible, etc.), providing the workflow and GUI on top of the device adapter.

Intended Audience: Technical influencers, decision makers, architects, engineers 

Part 1: Learning about Itential Automation Platform (3 hours)

  1. About this Workshop: Introductions, objectives, what to expect and what will you get out of this session.
  2. About Itential 
  3. Why do customers need Itential Automation Platform (IAP)? Why IAP, IAP applications and who is using IAP.
  4. IAP Overview: Dashboard and applications, architecture, integrations & automation gateway, workflow, features and roadmap, Itential online.
  5. Itential Engagement Model: Deploying IAP, building applications on IAP, IAP ownership — building an IAP center of excellence, making a business case for IAP (value calculator).

Part 2: Working with IAP (3 hours)

  1. About the lab environment: Lab architecture, accessing the lab and lab documentation.
  2. Lab 1: A guided tour of IAP, NSO and Automation Gateway
  3. Lab 2: Working with IAP applications: Configuration manager, policy manager, workflow builder, job manager.
  4. Lab 3: Running workflows: Exploring workflows and workflow tools, IOS upgrade process, port turn-up and management, L3 VPN management.
  5. Working with Itential Dev Tools: Rendering APIs, loading artifacts, working with developer.itential.io.