Itential Automation Platform and Ansible Orchestration in an ACI Environment


This demonstration shows the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) leveraging Ansible as a device configuration orchestrator, to provision an ACI controller. The intent of the demo is to show you how IAP can use Ansible (and it's vast library of modules) as part of an operations workflow directly managing devices. The workflow provisions a new tenant into the controller, via the Ansible ACI module — no playbook is required.

This demonstration shows a basic use case consisting of Itential Automation Platform (IAP) workflow interacting with an Ansible instance provisioning into an ACI environment. The workflow calls Itential's Ansible Manager product, which is co-located on the Ansible server. This allows IAP to directly call all the modules and commands in Ansible and fold those commands into IAP's powerful workflow.  

While this use case is basic, it proves the concept of using IAP and Ansible together to achieve powerful, business relevant workflows which require no coding.  The IAP product is designed to empower network engineers, automation engineers and other SMEs to create operations-facing processes.  

You will see:
  • the IAP dashboard and various microservices like the service catalog, workflow builder and the Job Manager;
  • Itential's Ansible manager and its online documentation;
  • the process execute and track it as it steps through the workflow; and
  • the final result in the APIC simulator dashboard.

This demo environment is available in the Advanced Technology Center as a sandbox where you can build other ACI workflows using IAP and Ansible. Please contact your WWT representative if you further questions or if you'd like to access an instance of this sandbox.