NetApp Multicloud With Equinix Cloud Exchange


Learn more about integrating NetApp data services from Equinix, NetApp and WWT experts.

Many of the world's most valuable companies today own little to no physical assets. Their value is derived solely based on their data and how they can manipulate that data (Uber, Airbnb, Google, Facebook, etc.). Customers love the idea of going to the cloud to leverage cutting edge services without having to incur the cost of building those services themselves, but still have concerns about placing that valuable data in the cloud. Leveraging cloud adjacent storage, IT organizations can quell their parent company's legal department's concerns, all the while taking advantage of public cloud service provider's innovative services.  

The truth is the theory of going directly to the public cloud to leverage cutting edge services is very appealing. At first glance, it alleviates having to build services yourself. But there are multiple critical items to review before placing valuable data into the public cloud.   

Our recent webinar with our partners NetApp and Equinix concentrated on three critical items: cost, data sovereignty and highly available performance. We discussed the challenges and considerations that need to be explored before investing in a full cloud solution. We specifically took advantage of having multiple subject matter experts in the same virtual room to discuss leveraging cloud adjacent storage.