Next Generation Central Office: Cloudify Orchestration for Fortinet SD-WAN


Demonstration of the Cloudify orchestration system deploying Fortinet SD-WAN into the Next Generation Central Office (NGCO)

The Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) is a pre-integrated edge computing solution intended to enable network operators to locate applications and data  closer to the edge of their networks, thereby reducing network costs and latency. The NGCO is a collective effort between WWT and our partners QCT, Red Hat, Cloudify and Fortinet.

Cloudify orchestration and the Fortinet SD-WAN solution in the NGCO

Cloudify is an open source cloud orchestration product, which scales to service provider deployments. It uses TOSCA blueprints to instantiate complex deployments across cloud, VIM and other infrastructure.  The Cloudify community has created numerous plug-ins connecting Cloudify to a wide variety of platforms, systems and data sources. In this demo, Cloudify orchestrates an end-to-end Fortinet SDWAN across the NGCO. The orchestration includes OpenStack and the Fortinet connections to deploy a central office and a branch location, all coordinated through the Fortinet Fortimanager SDN controller.