Orchestrated Service Deployment with Assurance (Itential, NSO and Netrounds)


This demonstration shows a “full stack” solution for automating service deployment and concurrently deploying probes and monitoring, to assure the service. Typical customer fulfillment processes treat service deployment and service assurance as separate steps. This solution shows that both can be done simultaneously. The advantage is that service health (or deployment failure) is known immediately. For service providers, this is key since billing typically begins after the customer accepts the service. In this solution, the service health is determined automatically. The customer can be emailed a report telling them their service is live (thus, justifying immediate billing).

Demonstration Components:

Itential Automation Platform (IAP) – IAP (formerly known as Pronghorn) is an “operations dashboard” allowing you to build and present to users a complete operations environment. The IAP dashboard incorporates Catalog, workflow, AAA, task management, service management, and mirco-services are available. IAP also integrates seamlessly into device managers like Cisco NSO and Ansible. This allows you to now build a complete workflow and managed ordering process (on top of your device manager) with little or no coding effort.

Cisco NSO – Network Service Orchestrator is a carrier grade service orchestration tool which enables you to build service models and deploy services across a multi-vendor, mulit-domain environment. NSO’s features like lifecycle managed (CRUD), rollback and a services database set NSO apart as a superior service deployment tool.

Netrounds – The Netrounds system is a powerful service testing and monitoring platform. Remote agents (running on remote probes) can be programmed with active data and protocol testing / monitoring. This means that the probes actually transmit data and measure results. Netrounds has a Netconf interface, which works seamlessly with Cisco NSO. This enables NSO to deploy the service and service monitoring simultaneously. This is the key to this solution. As NSO deploys the service, it turns up service monitoring in Netrounds. Service providers find particular value since every service and test can generate finished reports (which can be emailed to customers verifying SLAs and in-service states).

Intel NUC – The Intel NUC units are the remote probes running the Netrounds agents.

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