Segment Routing Technical Training Module 4 - TI-LFA


What is Segment Routing? This eight-part video series provides an overview of the technology, the different types of Segment Routing, the advantages over MPLS and how it can be used to optimize bandwidth.

In this installment of WWT’s Segment Routing Technical series, we describe Segment Routing TI-LFA or Topology Independent Loop Free Alternate, compare Classic LFA to TI-LFA, and explain how TI-LFA operates and achieves 50 millisecond convergence in any environment. This is the fourth of an eight-part video series overviewing Segment Routing, its technical details and business value. For additional video training modules, please refer to WWT’s Segment Routing Technical Training Playlist. 

A special thank you to Clarence Filsfils and Kris Michielsen from Cisco Systems, for providing the original content for the slides.