Simplify the Experience using WWT's Next-Gen Meeting Solution


Watch this two-minute video to learn how WWT's Next-Gen Meetings create a seamless meeting experience. From scheduling, joining, running and managing your meetings, we make it easy.


By integrating leading solutions from Cisco Webex, Microsoft, Synergy Sky WeWork, AppSpace, LG and others, we’ve created frictionless meeting experience to make it easy for users to run their meeting and for IT to manage and analyze the system. WWT’s Next-Gen Meetings enable employees to easily schedule a meeting and reserve a meeting space, communicate confidently over high-def video, share content wirelessly, and enable IT and facilities with the tools to better understand usage trends and patterns in meeting analytics.

Read the video transcript below for insight into the demo video.

In this video, we are showing how World Wide Technology is pulling tools together to create a next-generation meeting experience for our users and customers.

Scheduling can be made super simple by using @Webex and @meet in the location field. That way we’re able to simply bring in the Webex information. We don’t have to think about it; it’s just something we do naturally. When we’re ready to join our meeting, an important thing is to check in from the event board side. That way, the meeting’s not deleted as a zombie meeting. It’s super simple now because we’re able to just check in automatically when the call is started. When we’re ready to join, we have a couple ways of doing that.

One: using Webex Assistant by simply just saying, “Okay, Webex, join my meeting,” and it automatically joins. From there, it brings up that great Webex experience. And you still have the ability to use the one button to push from the Touch 10 perspective. Either way, you have a great joining experience. The process is simplified. We’re talking seconds to start a meeting rather than minutes. And of course, with Webex and with our codex, we have that great user experience.

With the integration of white boarding into Webex, we’re able to take these meetings to the next level using the Webex boards to annotate directly into the Webex. So for remote workshops, remote training sessions, this really takes it again to the next level, allows us to do something that we used to have to point a camera at a white board. Now we’re just simply able to do it straight from the Webex board. We’ve seen the scheduling, joining, presenting, annotation, how easy it can be with next-generation meetings. Putting just a few tools together, you can create a really compelling experience for your users.

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