AIOps Tea Store – Demonstration Environment Introduction


Welcome to the WWT AIOPS Tea Store! WWT understands that a true AIOPS environment is a complex platform that’s sometimes challenging to fully see and understand. WWT designed and built the “Tea Store” to showcase our interoperability and unique architecture across several of the industry’s best tools. The Tea Store helps us showcase what a real world AIOPS environment looks like, and gives context to how we can help solve them. Built in the WWT Advanced Technology Center, the Tea Store—as simple as it appears—is a dynamic application, built on a Kubernetes cluster in a hybrid environment. Traffic, security threats, network issues, and business transaction downtimes are simulated and resolved with our unique AIOPS automated infrastructure. Leveraging a suite of Cisco products, we are using AppDynamics for APM gives us visibility to the Tea Store and how the java code is behaving behind the scenes. ThousandEyes allows us to view what is going outside the ATC firewalls with the use of the cloud agents and synthetic transactions. When it comes to infrastructure optimization, IWO/CWOM fills this space with extensive integrations with AppDynamics allowing a user to make high value decisions on what resources to allocate for the application. Test drive the architecture and see how WWT’s unique approach to interoperable AIOPS can help solve many of the challenges that modern data and application platform face, today.