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Welcome to the ATC Platform

Welcome to the ATC Platform

Press play to hear a welcome message from Sara Goellner, the Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff at WWT, and sponsor of WWT’s ATC Platform.

Explore our ATC Platform resources below to start taking advantage of our robust ecosystem. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I ever have to enter a credit card or pay for this account?

No, the ATC Platform and access to all our resources are free of charge, and you do not have to enter a credit card to create an account. Nor will we ask for payment in the future. 

Why does my password have to be so long?

We take privacy and security very seriously and know this is also important to our enterprise customers and partners. We know it's a bit much, but we require a 14-character password to ensure the utmost security for you and your data when accessing the ATC Platform. 

How will you use my data?

Don't worry, creating an account does not mean we're going to sell your information or spam you with a bunch of emails or notifications.

Once you create an account, you can manage your communication preferences within My WWT under Account Settings

Account creation will launch an email series to help show you around the ATC Platform as a new member and introduce key features you can take advantage of.

How do I manage my account settings?

In My WWT > Account Settings, you can manage your password, add a profile picture, update your title and job description, follow topics most important to you and link your social media accounts. 

What are labs and how should I use them?

To access our on-demand and scheduled labs through our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), you'll need to create an account.

On-demand labs are available 24/7 and scheduled labs are just that — labs that require a request to use and a reserved timeframe booked in order to launch. 

When working in a lab, time to completion can vary between 15 minutes to up to two hours depending on the complexity of the lab itself. 

Each lab is accompanied by documentation to help guide you through the environment and can be dynamically positioned to allow you to view in a larger format while working in the lab. Simply drag the documentation pain to the right to expand.

If you get stuck when working in a lab, simply use the Live Chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to get support from the ATC Support team.

Why should I follow topics?

Within My WWT, you can manage your notifications and subscribe to topics of interest. By subscribing to topics, we'll notify you when new content is published within that topic to help you stay up to date on the latest tech trends. 

When you subscribe, you can determine if you'd like to be notified via email or in-app notifications. 

These subscriptions also power the content recommendations you'll see upon logging into My WWT. 

How can I save content I like?

To ensure you never lose track of helpful resources, we have a bookmark ribbon you can select to store content within My WWT > Bookmarks

Bookmarked content example:


Bookmarks section in My WWT:

How can share connect to my social channels?

If you find something on the ATC Platform interesting and you'd like to share it on your social media networks, we make it easy. Simply click on the social icons in the left margin of all our content and easily share with the networks you've connected in your My WWT account settings. 

How can I connect with members?

There are several ways to connect with WWT experts and ATC Platform community members:

  • As you're exploring content, you can click on the author/contributor listed and request to connect. 
  • You can browse our catalog of experts to reach out to if you have questions about a specific topic or want advice on where to get started. 
  • If you attend an event, you have the ability to connect with presenters and participants by visiting the event details in My WWT

All of these actions will build your connections, that can also be viewed in My WWT.