Attackers have updated their strategy – shouldn’t you change yours? It is more important than ever for organizations to be prepared for the next cyber-attack, with a strategy specifically designed to combat next-gen threats.

 Endpoint is the new perimeter

The war for security is now being waged at the endpoint. With the broad acceptance of portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, the old notion of a single “moat” around a company’s perimeter is gone. All the digital information an attacker wants is stored somewhere on an endpoint. As these endpoints become increasingly mobile, managing your organization’s threat footprint becomes more complex than ever.

The age of ransomware

The outbreaks of WannaCry and Petya have proven that ransomware is an immediate threat with the potential to cause massive disruptions within your organization. Considering that Cryptolocker, a devastating malware program, made $325 million in 2016, you can expect new ransomware variants to emerge in the years ahead. The legacy approach to combating security threats using signature-based protection cannot respond fast enough to these new strategies. Organizations need new tactics in order to defend their endpoints.

Changing the conversation

WWT provides a customized endpoint security workshop for your organization that enables you to understand emerging threats and develop an endpoint security strategy for next-gen malware and ransomware.

Drawing on actual security data from hundreds of hours of testing, WWT facilitates a guided discussion to help you identify the endpoint solutions that would most align with your business objectives, technical requirements and cultural fit. We offer both on-site and virtual experiences, varying in time and complexity.

The power of the ATC

After conducting the workshop, WWT can offer your organization access to our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to further evaluate endpoint security solutions with a hands-on, practical approach. This includes customized product demos, real-world solution comparisons and integrations with our Cyber Analytics Reference Architecture which includes SIEMs, automation and orchestration.

View our Endpoint Security Workshop brochure.

  • Next-generation Firewall Workshop

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  • Patch Management Assessment

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  • Security Incident Tabletop Exercise

    WWT's Security Incident Tabletop Exercise is a workshop designed to help your business improve its response to and recovery from cybersecurity events.
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  • Host-based Segmentation Pilot

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  • Integrated Endpoint Security Architecture Federal Overview

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  • Integrated Endpoint Security Architecture Commercial Overview

    Endpoint security must be part of an overall security architecture and strategy. If all the areas referenced in this paper are addressed and integrated within an environment, the result will be a level of protection that far exceeds anything a single point product can provide.
  • Professional Services Security Overview

    Our Professional Services architects can help to overcome the challenges of securing an organization’s infrastructure through network discovery, a security assessment and penetration testing.
  • Identity and Access Management

    Organizations understand that providing users with secure access can be challenging and strenuous. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an enterprise program that focuses on ensuring that authorized people and devices have the appropriate access at the right time.
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