Hybrid Cloud Workshop

3 hours

Hybrid cloud is a technology architecture that incorporates workload portability, orchestration, management and self-service across two or more cloud deployments: public and private. WWT's Hybrid Cloud Workshop is the fastest way to get acquainted with hybrid cloud terminology, market trends, technology solutions and use case alignment.

What to Expect

This workshop explores the basics of hybrid cloud, along with the market players, market trends and use cases alignment for the leading solutions.

  • Hybrid Cloud Overview
  • Marketplace Adoption
  • Leading Technology Solutions
  • Customer Successes and Use Cases
  • Key Hybrid Cloud Considerations
  • Recommended Next Steps

Goals & Objectives

In this workshop, we will discuss the basics of Hybrid Cloud, along with the market players, market trends, and use cases alignment for the leading solutions.  We will work with your technology leaders to help determine how your organization's specific needs align with a hybrid cloud model and the leading market solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Overview

  • What is hybrid cloud?
  • Models: deployment, operational and consumption
  • Direction: private -> public vs. public -> private

Marketplace Adoption

  • Hybrid cloud market trends
  • Leading solutions in the market
  • WWT customer adoption

Leading Technology Solutions

  • VMware Cloud
  • Google Anthos
  • AWS Outposts
  • Azure Stack Hub
  • Use case alignment
  • WWT customer successes

Key Considerations

  • Business and operational models
  • Platform selection and foundational design
  • Network architecture and connectivity
  • Security and governance
  • Data management
  • Application placement
  • Migration options

Recommended Next Steps

  • Hybrid Cloud for Data Center Evacuation Workshop
  • Hybrid Cloud for Disaster Recovery Workshop
  • Hybrid Cloud for Application Modernization Workshop


  • Clear understanding of what hybrid cloud is and the problems it solves
  • Insight into the hybrid cloud marketplace: customer adoption and solution players
  • Technology solution recommendations based on common use cases
  • Clear next steps to labs, technical workshops and design workshops