Itential Automation Platform and NSO Workshop

8 hours

Itential Automation Platform (IAP) is an operations toolset and workflow engine from Itential. The world’s largest service providers and IT organizations use IAP to:

  • Provide an operations “dashboard” GUI for consolidating key ops functions
  • Create and manage complex operations-facing workflows integrated with device control, AAA, databases and other key applications like ServiceNow
  • Automate large-scale IT actions and services through associated device adapters (NSO or Ansible, etc.), providing the workflow and GUI on top of the device adapter

This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of this flexible and powerful product. You will use the IAP dashboard for common network administration tasks and build a service management workflow.

What to Expect

This session is intended to get you familiar with Itential’s IAP Product and its use with NSO. After completing this session, you will receive: 
  • NSO fundamentals and how they apply to IAP
  • An understanding of the skillset needed to work with IAP
  • Experience working with the IAP operations GUI
  • Experience working with key dashboard tools like MOP and Golden Config
  • Experience working with and creating IAP workflows
  • An understanding of how IAP works with and leverages NSO

Goals & Objectives

What you can expect to get out of this workshop:

  • Refresh on basic NSO administration, GUI and CLI skills
  • A clear understanding of IAP use features and needed skillset
  • A view into building and using IAP workflow
  • A clear understanding of how IAP leverages NSO
  • A clear understanding of how IAP can be used in your organization and use cases

What is a workshop? A workshop is a working session in which technology decision makers, architects, engineers and line of business representation meet with WWT subject matter experts, engineers, program/process management and sales teams to evaluate or compare how specific strategies and technologies could be deployed in your organization. This workshop will help you understand the IAP product, but it will also help technical personnel understand how to work with IAP

Who should attend: Network Operations Personnel, Network Administrators, Network Engineers, Architects, Developers, Service Designers


Attending this workshop will enhance your understanding of the Itential Automation Platform and help better apply it in your network operations. You will also have a clear understanding of the skill set needed to work with IAP.

What's Next?
Learn more about Infrastructure Automation, stay up-to-date with the industry and the new technology we have at WWT.