Going in-depth with the leading collaboration clients

Among the fastest ways businesses can speed processes, reduce costs and increase productivity is to provide workers with a simplified collaboration client that connects employees anywhere, anytime and on any device. A simplified client can foster a new level of enterprise adoption of established technologies, including IM/Presence, Audio, Web, Video Conferencing and IP Telephony.

Both Cisco and Microsoft have become leaders in the collaborative space with Jabber and Skype for Business. Many organizations have seen one if not both of these tools, but it’s not always clear what’s needed for a successful deployment. WWT’s Jabber/Skype for Business Comparison Workshop takes a closer look at these technologies, so you can accurately understand the true differences between the solutions.


The WWT Jabber/Skype for Business Comparison Workshop is a 2- to 4-hour technical and strategic whiteboard session designed to increase your understanding of the differences between each client and what is needed for successful full-scale deployments. During the workshop, participants will gain hands-on experience by “test driving” clients side-by-side to compare client feature sets like IM/Presence, Voice and Video, and Video Desktop Share and Collaboration/Conferencing.

The workshop takes a deep dive into the architectures needed to build out Jabber and Skype for Business to capacity and successfully scale each client. From an architectural perspective, the workshop will examine the number of servers needed, geo-redundancy, network complexity, E911, federation and financial impact.


Workshop participants will walk away with a clear understanding what it takes to fully deploy Jabber and Skype for Business, the benefits and limitations of each client, and how each client will function day to day. WWT takes a vendor-neutral approach, so participants will know which client will work best in their business environments based on ease of use from an end-user perspective and the impact of each client on infrastructure. Participants also will understand how each client functions on a range of devices and gain a better understanding of the vendor landscape needed to support Cisco Jabber vs. Microsoft Skype for Business.

View our Jabber/Skype for Business Comparison Workshop brochure.

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