Open RAN Workshop

4 hours

Legacy, single-vendor RAN solutions can limit innovation and slow implementation of needed enhancements and features. Open RAN optimizes performance, enables more agile service delivery, reduces operational expenditures and unlocks a new ecosystem of vendors while leveraging the benefits of cloud-based architecture. This workshop explores open virtualized RAN, which utilizes existing network infrastructure to enhance 4G while forging a future-proof architecture that creates an easy transition path to 5G.

What to Expect

Service providers need help accelerating the integration and adoption of innovative technology solutions, such as Open RAN, to fully realize their benefits. In this workshop, our team of experts will work with you to:

  • Explore the benefits of Open RAN and how it can be incorporated into your network architecture.
  • Identify use cases and develop a business case to align people, process and technology.
  • Understand your existing network topology and review deployment options.
  • Frame an Open RAN strategy that articulates a path to success.

Goals & Objectives

As the industry moves toward 5G, the Radio Access Network (RAN) will become increasingly software-driven and built with a variety of vendors. Open RAN utilizes a virtualized RAN on general-purpose hardware to foster agility, enhance scalability and allow for multiple specialized vendors to drive innovation.

WWT can help service providers more rapidly deploy Open RAN within their network by providing a fully-integrated cloud-based, virtualized Open RAN blueprint that operators can leverage to accelerate 4G and forge a clear path toward broader 5G adoption.

Because each network has its own fingerprint, no two Open RAN deployments are the same. Therefore, the scope of this workshop will vary depending on network and organizational readiness. Broadly speaking, the workshop will follow the below agenda: 

  • Understand Open RAN technology and the benefits it affords service providers.
  • Overview of the Open RAN ecosystem (vendors, policies, alliances, etc.)
  • Detail Open RAN challenges and barriers and how they can be overcome.
  • Capture current state of the network and identify an implementation path.

Who should attend?

  • Service providers new to Open RAN
  • Network operators that need guidance on how best to deploy Open RAN
  • Service providers with stalled Open RAN strategies


The outcome of this workshop is establish a high-level plan to gain operational alignment to invest in and deploy Open RAN within your unique network environment.

What makes WWT unique?

WWT has a deep and unique understanding of the service provider industry and the network architectures within it. Our subject matter experts have consultative expertise to align, integrate and accelerate operators' ability to deploy, consume and monetize next-generation technology platforms. These capabilities, combined with our world-class partnerships with leading and emerging OEMs, make WWT an unparalleled service provider partner. 

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