SDDC Workshop

2 hours

Developing a software-defined data center (SDDC) is a critical step towards cloud operations in an on-premise environment. WWT's SDDC Planning Workshop will enable IT leadership, architecture and engineering to navigate this new territory. While focusing on the solutions available from VMware by Broadcom through their VMware Cloud Foundation solution, this workshop will also help attendees evaluate other solutions that they may already have or be considering for implementation. Additionally, this workshop will help place SDDC in a context that will enable a proper cloud operations strategy.

What to Expect

This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to better understand the considerations for building an SDDC architecture. You'll work with WWT experts to explore the following:
  • SDDC definition
  • Why you should build an SDDC
  • Identify SDDC components
  • Review tools available in Aria Suite
  • Review packaged solutions for SDDC
  • Map SDDC components to your organization

Goals & Objectives

WWT can help organizations plan an effective path to developing an SDDC. The WWT SDDC Planning Workshop is a one-day session designed to introduce all of IT to the key elements of SDDC. This strategy session will help you evaluate service management, cloud management platform, operations, automation and infrastructure virtualization. It will also look at the outcomes for different types of users and how it modifies their interaction with IT and data center services.

  • Service Management will govern how the typical user interacts with the SDDC.
  • Cloud Management Platform is the layer where your platform engineering team will focus their support and automation.
  • Operations Management will need to be re-defined to facilitate new ways in which users will interact with the platform.
  • Infrastructure Automation is necessary to abstract 'mundane' tasks such as systems, network and storage management.
  • Infrastructure Virtualization will be defined in a manner that supports programmatic access to the underlying hardware resources.


This workshop will help you understand how an SDDC supports several key transformational efforts including private cloud. Afterwards, you will be able to understand the key decisions that go into a properly designed SDDC and will be ready for a design engagement with WWT and your selected SDDC platform.


What's next?

Learn more about Server Infrastructure, stay up-to-date with the industry and the new technology we have at WWT.