Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Workshop

8 hours
Most current enterprises today were designed with the data center as center of gravity for access. Digital transformation has seen a movement of these local workflows to the cloud, and businesses have shifted to a workforce that is much more mobile in nature and need to be able to work anywhere. Network security models that are based on yesterday's architecture are no longer sufficient to provide secure, consistent connectivity for users that can be anywhere accessing workloads living anywhere. This workshop explores how Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) can meet the needs of the modern digital world.

What to Expect

This workshop explores Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), a critical component in providing secure, consistent, high-performance user experience.

  • Exploring the SASE market and technology trends
  • Defining Secure Service Edge (SSE) and Access Service Edge (ASE)
  • Reviewing fundamentals of Network as a Service and Security as a Service
  • Deciding on a model for zero-touch deployment, ongoing management, and orchestration
  • Understanding your organization's security and network requirements

Goals & Objectives

This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to better understand the considerations for building a SASE architecture that can help transform your traditional network to cloud centric.

WWT can help customers compare and contrast approaches by different SASE vendors in the marketplace. This evaluation also includes an impartial look at the different orchestration and automation techniques with a focus on:

  • Zero Trust:  ZTNA replaces the legacy "implicit trust" network access with a continuously assessed adaptive risk system based on identity and context for all connections, regardless of where the user sits. The following features should be considered when evaluating a zero-trust solution.
  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG):  The majority of SaaS application traffic is based on HTTP or HTTPs.  It is typically encrypted as well, which creates challenges for inspection.  Secure Web Gateway provides a decentralized proxy replacement solution to legacy deployments while incorporating several enhancements across the enterprise. 
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB):  CASB are cloud-based security policy enforcement points, which provide the ability to apply enterprise security policies to the access of cloud-based resources, whether they are SaaS, IaaS or PaaS resources in both in-line and out-of-band deployment modes. 
  • NextGenFW/FWaaS:  In addition to traditional firewall services, a next gen firewall provides advanced functions such as application filtering, in line deep packet inspection, and intrusion prevention.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP):  Preventing the loss of sensitive intellectual property created by mismanagement or unauthorized transmission outside of the organization is critical to protecting the property and competitive differentiation while also introducing features like Exact Data Match to prevent false positives.
  • Remote Browser Isolation (RBI):  RBI provides the dynamic capability to provide an air gap between the user and a web site, processing scripts and other website resources on a remote machine, protecting the local user's device.  The browser screen is rendered on the user machine only, keeping any malicious browser activity isolated.

What is a workshop? 

A workshop is a working session in which technology decision makers, architects, engineers and line of business representation meet with WWT subject matter experts, engineers, program/process management and sales teams to evaluate or compare how specific strategies and technologies could be deployed in your organization. These are paid engagements with a defined outcome and deliverable, e.g. action plan, high-level architectural design, proposal or quote for project implementation. They take place in-person or via video conference and last from 4 hours to 5 days.

This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to better understand the considerations for building a SASE architecture that can deliver the digital services your organization will need to excel in the digitization era.

Who should attend?

Network Decision Makers, Security Decision Makers, Technical Decision Makers


The outcome of this workshop is a clear understanding of the business and technical value that SASE brings to your organization. You'll leave with a recommended SASE solution and high-level design tailored to your organization.