For the better part of the last decade, Dell Technologies has been playing a chess match of sorts, acquiring pieces here and positioning them there, sometimes to the bewilderment of shareholders and Wall Street analysts.

But Dell has been methodical in its approach. This spring, Dell unveiled the Dell Technologies Cloud, a new set of cloud infrastructure solutions meant to make hybrid cloud environments simpler to deploy and manage. Dell Technologies Cloud leverages Dell’s broad portfolio of platform companies, most notably Dell EMC, VMware and Pivotal, to help manage workloads across the entire data center spectrum — from the edge, into the core and into the cloud.

This is an exciting vision that could well position Dell as a leader in the multicloud industry for years to come.

Dell research found more than 70 percent of companies are already using multiple cloud environments today, but that developing a successful multicloud strategy remains a big challenge.

Dell Technologies Cloud could help alleviate that obstacle by providing consistent infrastructure and operations from the data center to the cloud, allowing customers to move workloads from the core of the data center into the edge or cloud and back again at will.

Dell EMC Vice Chairman of Products and Operations Jeff Clarke, speaking at Dell Technologies World, said IT must be modernized to be able to scale to meet the data needs of today and moving into the future.

Not mentioned is the critical need for a best-of-breed integrator that can tie it all together so customers can utilize such emerging technology to deliver actual business outcomes.

In effect, Dell is building the engine, and WWT is building the car.

World Wide Technology has made considerable investments in our Advanced Technology Center to help make the future transition to the Dell Technologies Cloud as easy as possible. Many of the key components of the platform are already included in labs or proofs of concepts available, such as:

  • A state-of-the-art, next-generation flash storage array testing harness to showcase how Dell EMC PowerMax can impact a customer’s application performance profile. PowerMax is the only storage solution with Artificial Intelligence capabilities, and WWT is running machine learning analytics on the solution in the ATC;
  • A Pivotal-ready reference architecture that uses VxRail, NSX-T, PKS and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF);
  • A VMware Hybrid Could lab to assist businesses extend their data center to the cloud;
  • And dozens public and private cloud capabilities for when customers need such integration.

On top of our existing capabilities, WWT plans to consolidate those components into a Dell Technologies Cloud architecture in a dedicated and isolated environment ready for customers later this summer.

WWT believes the Dell Technologies Cloud roadmap is strong and differentiated, which is why we are so heavily investing in their program. Given our existing capabilities in the ATC and collaborative relationship with Dell, WWT is poised to help customers transition to the platform as quickly as possible.

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