In recent years, modernization initiatives have taken government agencies by storm. In the last year alone, 5G has come on the scene to boost connectivity across the board, agencies have integrated cloud services and piloted modernization programs at an impressive pace, and data has become an invaluable resource. All these changes have set the stage in many ways for AI adoption. Yet, despite the many benefits of AI, many leaders in the public sector find it difficult to get AI programs off the ground.

So, how can government and IT leaders effectively approach modernization initiatives to accelerate the pace of AI adoption throughout government?

On this episode of AI Tipping Point -- a podcast from Government Executive Media Group's Studio 2G in collaboration with NVIDIA, NetApp and WWT that aims to answer the question: "If 2019 was the 'tipping point' for AI, then what's ahead?" -- we zero in on just that. 

Host Tim Hartman, CEO of Government Executive Media Group speaks with Mike Madsen, Director of Strategic Engagement for the DoD's Defense Innovation Unit, an entity dedicated to strengthening national security by accelerating innovation as well as government and military adoption of commercial technologies, and Anthony Robbins, the Vice President of Federal at NVIDIA, both of whom offer insight on how the right tools and stakeholder buy-in can pave a path to AI adoption.

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